Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What materials make up the Technical Information Center's collections?

A. The collection consists mainly of planning and construction documents created for and by the National Park Service (NPS). The collection also includes publications on cultural and natural resources.

Q. How do I export search results?

A. Use the Excel icon at the top right of the results grid. A spreadsheet will appear. (See Help #4)

Q. How do I download materials?

A. Select the record you are interested in and then click on the thumbnail image. If the record contains more that one PDF file, the additional documents will be displayed under ‘Documents in Set’. (See Help #5 and Help #7)

Q. What if the item I want does not have a scan attached?

A. If an item does not have a scan attached, contact us at 303‑969‑2130 or We will add it to the queue for scanning if the hardcopy is available.

Q. How do I contact the Technical Information Center (TIC) if I have a problem or can't find the answer to my question?

A. Please contact TIC with comments, suggestions, questions or to report an issue. Our contact information is located under the ‘About Us’ tab.

Q. Where can I learn more about a specific National Park?

A. Please visit Find Your Park.

Q. How do I share e-TIC (electronic Technical Information Center) items with others?

A. You can easily send your search results to your friends and colleagues through our “Share” link(s) located on Records Details. (See Help #8)

Q. I only see one Collection featured — are there more?

A. Yes, there are many "Collections" that will be featured throughout the year.

Q. What is a "Wayside Exhibit"?

A. Wayside Exhibits are the printed materials used to inspire a connection between the park visitor and the park resource. They are located directly adjacent to features on the landscape and foster an immediate and direct association of information and place.

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